Saturday, February 9, 2013

Emily - 4 Months

Guess what Emmy? 

What Mom?

You're 4 months old today!
Get outta town!!!
Guess what else?  To celebrate, we're going shopping at the mall!
Haha.  You are so much fun, Emily, with all your silly expressions.  Go on and read what other fun you've had this month.

This month you:

Tried your first bite of baby oatmeal - and hated it
Started going to Cait while Mommy had to go back to work - you love going there!
Started rolling over!
Sat through your first Superbowl - (the Ravens won)
Started picking up and shaking toys
Loved sleeping on your side - you roll that way on your own
Are making tons of funny noises! (shrieks, squeals, etc.)
Smiled at Katie
Made a loud "AAAAAHHH" noise every time we blow a raspberry on your stomach
Are drooling like it's your job
Loved trying to stand up on Mommy's lap
Started bringing toys to your mouth
Went to the mall for the 1st time - and loved it  (today!)
Laughed for the first time!!!  (today! - and at what? you may was after getting a dry diaper, because of course that is soooo funny, lol)

Keep being your funny, cute, and sweet self, Emmy.  I think you're the most wonderful baby in the world!