Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Emily - 6 months!!

You've got to be kidding me...

You're already 6 months old?!  That's half of a year, Emmy!  Time is already flying.  You're growing to be the cutest, sweetest, funniest baby I could've ever asked for.  Sure, at times you show quite well how spoiled you during other times, I wish I could stay in that moment forever because you are so sweet.

This month you:

Had your first St. Patrick's Day
Celebrated your first Easter
Flew 4 more times to go be with family in NC after Papaw's passing...he loved you very much!
Started sitting up by yourself most of the time! (Sometimes you unexpectedly fall over so we still have to stay close by!)
Ate baby oatmeal, mashed bananas, and had sweet potatoes ONE and ONLY ONE time - you were up alll night with the worst gas ever.
Got at least 3 sips of sweet tea...this was definitely against my rules, but someone, ...cough, cough, Grandpa...didn't care.
Are teething so bad!  I don't see or feel any teeth yet, but you're drooling like crazy, chewing on everything and then screaming, and you love chewing on cold or textured objects. 
Laughed so hard when Daddy pretended to be sleeping/snoring and then he woke up really fast.
Got to pet a real bunny!
Said "mamama" 3 times and also started saying other new sounds...but no "dada" yet...mwahahaha!
Can pick up your paci and put it in your mouth by yourself
Got in a real swing for the first time and you loved it!
Have perfected your "diva scream" when you don't get your way
Are still growing like a weed...and your cheeks are unstoppable
Love to practice standing up/walking with our help
Put both hands on my face and pull my chin, cheek, nose, etc. into your mouth to suck on
Are still best friends with two love to love on each other :)

You've been learning so many things that I'm afraid I've left something off the list!  I am so proud of you already, my smart little girl!

I love you more every single day!