Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emily - 7 Months

Well, the time just keeps on flying baby are 7 months old now!  WOW!  This month you have really blossomed into the sweetest, funniest, most lovable baby I could've ever asked for.

This month you:

Got on your first bouncy house (with Mommy) weren't that thrilled
Have a new favorite food - pears!
Say "Dada" allllll the time.  You seriously can't stop saying Dada.  Even though you said "Mama" first...come on now!  Bring the "Mama" back!
Got to stay at home every day while Aunt Ashley and Madison watched you and played with you
Hung out on blankets in the front yard enjoying some nice warm weather
Went down the slide for the first time (with Mommy and Daddy)
Went to the Whiteman Family Fun Fair - you got your picture made with Sparky the Fire Dog & Smoky the Bear, AND you got the cutest balloon flower hat made for you!
Aren't quite crawling yet...but you get up on your hands & knees and rock.  It won't be long.  You can also scoot/pull yourself towards a toy.
Possibly got a little more hair to even out that mohawk!  : )
Are getting much better at navigating your walker around the house
Love banging toys against surfaces
Love to make squeaky noises with your hand by moving it up & down the outside of the dishwasher door

Only 1 more month baby girl, and Mommy will be home with you for good.  I cannot wait!!  We will have so much fun together!

I love you, Emily Grace!   ~Mommy