Friday, February 14, 2014

Sarah - 1 Month!

Well, I'm back to writing monthly baby blogs, but this time, it's for Miss Sarah Noelle.  It is really crazy how fast a month flies by!

Sarah, today is extra special, because you share your 1-month birthday with Valentines Day!  <3  Having you here the last month has been a real change, but on the bright side, Daddy and I didn't have to go through the "newbie parent" phase again.  We know what to do's just a matter of having the time and energy to do it, haha.  You will continue to grow and everything will adjust itself before too long.  : )

This month you:

Grew your first tooth (wow...)
Kept a head full of beautiful dark hair
Went to church for the first time
Felt a little bit of snow from the big ice & snow storm we had
Sat through your first Superbowl (probably the least exciting game everrrr...) (Broncos vs Seahawks)
Cried so much and so even snort when you cry!
Loved watching your big sister talk to you.  That really melts my heart!
Had your first photo-shoot
Spent lots of time with your Grandma and Granny
Had your first Valentines Day  <3

I can't wait to see all the new cute things you'll do next month!  We love you so much, Sarah!  Your big sister sure does love you, too.  She talks to you a lot, shows you her toys, and gives you as many hugs and kisses as we let her.

I love you Wiggles!!