Monday, September 9, 2013

Emily - 11 Months

Please, time, stop going by so fast...I am so sad that this will be the last month of my life where I won't have to say I have a something year old.   :'(    I am enjoying each new month with you, Emily, and love how much you are learning.  All of your "cute new things" are, well, just so darn cute!!

This month you:

Started dancing to music!  Your signature "shoulder shimmy" is way too cute
Are saying "uh-oh" a lot   :)
Copy some animal sounds (the lion is your favorite)
Are eating a lot more "regular" food off of our plates  (you LOVE banana pudding!)
Your second top tooth is coming in...and not looking great, I might add.  It looks like it's already cracked! Good thing we know a dentist at church...I will ask him to have a look at it on Sunday.  ;)
Copy me when I say "no-no" and point my finger...this is a naughty thing for you to do, but yet again, so funny and cute
You found out that you will have a baby SISTER!!  I hope you two will be life-long best friends.  <3
Suddenly hate wearing will yank on it until you scream because you're hurting your neck trying to pull it off...sigh.
You enjoy playing at the playground and trying to climb up the slide.  Your favorite is still the swing, though!

I love you, sweet Emmy Grace!  Here's to your last month before being a "something year old"!  
Love, Mommy