Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sarah - 8 Months

Hi Sarah, my 8-month old girl! In case you're wondering, yes, you are still a very HAPPY, sweet baby.  You get compliments everywhere we go about your calm, sweet nature and how beautiful you are...I can't say I disagree!  These people are smart!  ;)

This month you:

Love snacking on baby crackers and making a huge mess  ;)
Try desperately to get your hands on any cell phone around
Screech and make silly noises that make you laugh at yourself
Laugh at us all the time, if we raise you up in the air over us, or tickle you
Are crawling!!  Your little booty swings side to side, and it is so cute!
Love getting attention from anyone, but especially your sister  :)
Have pulled up on furniture 1 time!  The other times you tried and couldn't quite make it....I'm sure you will be doing this a lot soon.
Love being outside in the fresh air...we all went to a fall festival yesterday, and you loved it!
Like to hide from us under the table and chairs
Have no fear of leaning over anything...if it wasn't for us holding you, you would fall off of everything!
Like to find shoes to chew on.  :(  We have to do a better job of hiding them.
Got Daddy's attention by leaning over and biting his nipple!  HAHAHA!  Now he knows how I have felt for 8 months.  ;)
Think it's fun to sit in laundry baskets (with or without clean clothes)  :)

Although most of the time you are sweet and happy, there have been several times lately when you scream and cry if I leave your side.  Even if you are fed, well-rested, have something to play with, and have a dry diaper on, you still aren't satisfied unless I am either sitting beside you in the room, or holding you.  Sometimes, this makes it very hard for me to get things done around here, but I try to remember to cherish these moments, because one day, you will probably not care about cuddling with me or wanting me around all the time.  That is just a natural part of growing up, but I hope underneath your "cool" teenage exterior one day, that you will still give me a big hug whenever I want one.  Maybe our roles will reverse and I will end up being the one crying when you don't give me the attention I need. I am starting to get weepy.....please don't grow up too fast!

I love you Sarah!  ~ Mommy