Friday, November 14, 2014

Sarah - 10 months

10 months already?!  Stop the madnesssss!!  Haha.  Just kidding, baby.  But really....I cannot believe that you are 2 months away from being ONE.  You still look like a little baby to me, which is partly why it is so hard to believe.  You are my itty-bitty cutie-patootie!  :)

Come on, how cute are those tip-toes?!

This month you:

Started getting your 2 top teeth!  They are hurting you coming in, and it breaks my heart.  I wonder how cute you will look when they come down all the way.  :)
Had your first time swinging at the playground!  Same swing that Emily first sat in.
Liked trying all the foods we were eating
Loved going all the way up both flights of stairs as often as possible!
Pretended to sing into a microphone
Liked watching Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse in your DVD player while riding in the car
Became obsessed with finding/picking up TINY little specks of things off the floor
Wanted any and every toy that your sister had, lol.  And then if she picked up something else, you changed your mind and wanted that, too!  ;)
Bounce up and down when good music is's so cute!
Really improved on your finger-food skills

I love you, Sarah Noelle!  You are a precious, sweet little girl!