Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sarah - 4 Months


No matter what is going on around you - even if you have just been woken up - it is never long before we see a big, beautiful smile creep across your face.  You are the BEST little sissy ever, and you are growing WAY too fast!

This month you:

Went on tons of walks with Mommy, "Aunt Apple", and your buddy Blake
Rolled over by yourself
Loved standing up on our laps
Went to a birthday party
Laughed so hard!
Love to watch your are very observant!
Absolutely adore when your sister comes over to you to talk, play with you, or give you a hug
Are still blowing lots of spit bubbles
Had your first Easter
Were a sweet girl to me on Mother's Day
Love getting your diaper changed
Had fun smiling in the mirror at yourself
Made lots of "talking" sounds, as well as cooing and squeals  :)

You were laughing so hard that you started to roll over  :)

You must be the sweetest, happiest baby in the world.  Your whole family loves you so much and you definitely brighten our days.  Keep this personality, will take you far in life.  :)

I love you SO much!