Sunday, June 9, 2013

Emily - 8 Months

Emily, you are 8 months now and summer is here!  From now on, Mommy is going to stay home and be with you all day, every day.  That may be a difficult task at times, but I know that I won't have to miss spending time with you and I'll get to watch you learn & grow every day.  I am so excited!!

You sure had some pretty significant "firsts" this month!  Way to go baby!
This month:

You started CRAWLING!  uh oh...
You are trying to pull up on things
You even stood up a couple times on your own when we were barely bracing you!
Your first tooth FINALLY popped through!  It's on the bottom and still barely out there, but trust me...I found out the hard way it was there when you bit my chin, haha.
You got to spend a month with Nanny while she was here to watch you during the day
You had your first experience with bubbles!
You are getting into everything you aren't supposed to have...pulling DVDs off the shelf, picking up sneakers to chew on, yanking decorative strings off of our Pier 1 pillow grrr!, trying to stick your fingers into electric outlets (we had to baby-proof those), door stoppers, and more.
You unlocked the door to Katie's kennel and let her out after we had put her in there.  This was a very funny moment, as I think you pretty much conveyed to Katie that you two would be partners in crime.  : )
You want to play with anything that is NOT your toy, lol (cell phones, nail files, bottles, remotes, etc)
You accidentally turned the volume all the way up on the TV by holding down the button and completely freaked out.  It. was. hilarious.  You started throwing your body around and gasping over and over, haha.
You learned to clap, and it is so adorable!
You love me to sing the same songs to you with the motions that Grandma and Grandpa sang to me when I was a baby - Ride a Little Horsie, Patty Cake, Round and Round the Garden, There Was a Little Mousie
You finally started to sleep through the night again...cue the church choir "HALLELUJAH!"
You like to live dangerously by leaning over the edges of things as if you don't realize or care that you will fact, you would if I weren't holding you! This applies to all couches, chairs, and beds.
You like to stick your fingers up our nostrils....sigh....
You are still saying "mama" and "dada" very well, and unfortunately, yes, the "diva scream" is still around
You love rocking on your Tigger rocker!

I love you SO MUCH, Emily Grace!  I am so blessed to have the sweetest girl in the world!
~ Your Mommy

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