Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Emily - 9 Months!

Emily, I cannot believe you are 9 months old today!  You are changing before our eyes and there's nothing we can do to keep you our tiny little baby girl anymore.  But you continue to amaze me all the time with new things you've learned, or how sweet you can be.

This month:

You started pulling up on everything and cruising furniture
I painted your little toenails hot pink...well only half of were trying to grab the polish and brush so I had to stop.   : (
Grandma & Grandpa came to visit you for a week and we all had so much fun!
You had your first 4th of July and saw your first fireworks at the base lake...they amazed you!
You got in the pool for the first time (you liked it only if you were sitting in Daddy's lap - it was too cold)   : )
You had your first carousel ride in the mall
You learned your 3rd word:  "Atie" (for Katie).  Grandma & Grandpa even heard you say "Katie" twice!
You're able to crawl all the way up the stairs
Your second bottom tooth came in, and one of your top teeth is starting to peek through
You tried a bunch of new foods: ice cream, hummus, turkey, pink lemonade, and loved them all! (But your FAVORITE new thing was licking a Fudgesicle!)
You love climbing up the back of the couch to see out of the side window like Katie; you make yourself so proud!
You learned how to make kissy sounds/faces to us
Your fine motor skills are improving from playing with a small-peg love the sounds!
You are obeying much more often when we say "No-no!"  (Mischief is still your middle name).
It is your goal to sneak in the laundry room and splash your hands in Katie's food/water bowls as many times as possible.  I usually catch you on the way in there, but a couple times I've been too late!
You are standing up in your crib & holding on to the bars when I come to get you up in the morning, and you ALWAYS give me the biggest hug!

I am so blessed to be able to watch your beautiful life unfold!
I love you, my sunshine!

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