Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sarah - 5 months

Well Sissy, your 5 month blog is EXTREMELY belated!!  In fact, tomorrow you are turning 6 months old and I will be writing that blog, haha!  I am late writing this because we have just returned from a month long vacation to North Carolina to visit all of our family.  : )   We had a great time, but more about that tomorrow.

This month you:

Had your first Memorial Day
Went to the mall for the first time
Said "Da-da"! You are so ahead of the game, baby girl!
Spent the night at Fort Knox
Traveled 16 hours in the car to go see your family in NC...this was not a fun task for any of us.
Got pinkeye TWICE in a poor baby!
Stood up in your exersaucer a lot...but we had to stuff lots of blankets around you, because you're still pretty small.
Loved getting tickled!  You would giggle and smile so hard just like in the picture above.

I love you, sweet baby Sarah!  You have continued to be the sweetest, happiest baby we could've asked for.  Stay tuned tomorrow to read about all of your many adventures this past month!

All my love,

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