Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sarah - 11 Months

Sarah-Barah!!  This is your very last month before turning 1 year old.  Yikes!

This picture perfectly exemplifies your little personality.  ;)  So full of joy and life! 

And here you are, 2 seconds later....still being adorable!

This past month you:

Went from having 2 teeth to having 6 teeth!!  Whoa baby! (Notice you are proudly displaying them in the pictures above).  
Started refusing to eat baby food...actually pushing it away with your little hands.  You want the good stuff only!  :)
Had your first Thanksgiving
Got caught chewing on a piece of Katie's dog food...yuck!!
Missed your Daddy a bunch, because he went on a TDY to Las Vegas
Got croup  :(   It was so pitiful, but you got much better once you went to the doctor
Started snorting when you laughed.....uh-oh....I may be to blame for that one.  Mommy snorted a lot when she was younger, heehee
Got into a bad habit of purposely head-butting me....all.the.time.  Not cool, baby.
Had your very first little pedicure on those teeny-tiny toes!! You got hot pink polish to match Mommy and big sis.

This is you when you found out that you were 11 months old today:

You just realllllly think you're something, huh?  ;)   I love you so much, baby girl!  You're the sweetest Sissy around!  I am hoping this month won't go by too fast....because when it does, I will have a 2 year old AND a 1 year old!!!  Whoa!

~Love, your Mommy

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