Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary

Today marks a very special celebration - my and Jordan's 1st anniversary!  I've decided that I'm still going to consider myself a newlywed, because it seems like there's no way a whole year could have already passed since our wedding day.  I must say, us being married was quite an adjustment.  We hardly got any time together before we got married, because I was living in NC and Jordan was already living here in MO by the time he took his precious time to contact me again after initially meeting me in 2007!!!  lol.  But anyways, there were only a few trips made between us before our big day (only 2 trips before he proposed to me on the 3rd trip!!).  Right after getting married, he (insert country accent) "up and moved me" to Missouri.  ; )  Basically, I was living a complete different life.  Having a husband, getting to see Jordan every day, having no family or friends around, no job, no church, new house, etc.  Parts of that were not easy, especially at first...but I always had him.  We have been each other's best friend, family, and support system.  There was a time when I was younger that I could've sworn to you that I would never move out of NC.  Well, look at me now.  Now, if someone asks me, "How do you like it here?", my usual response includes "Well, I miss NC (the actual area, plus my family and friends) so bad!  But I love my husband and I love being married!  I have a great job and friends, a home and a church that we love.  So I guess overall, it's not so bad."  : )

I know we've only been married a year, and I'm probably not qualified to give too much advice in this area as compared to those who have been married a long time, but there is one piece of advice that I truly believe.  The advice that I will give our daughter if God blesses us with one in the future. 

WAIT for the man who pursues you.  The man who's words and actions show you that you are the most important person in the world to him and who wants to spend the rest of his life with you.  The man who is willing to put his time and effort into showing you he cares for you every day.  The man who is so crazy about you that (in my case) asks you on your first date "So seriously, how long do I have to wait before I can propose to you?".  The man who, even after receiving a look of "you're crazy" after that question, will shrug his shoulders, smile, and try again the next day.  A man of GOD who will treat you as God commanded a husband to treat a wife.  A man who will be patient with you and love you despite that fact that you may be going through a hard time.  A man who makes life a greater journey to take with him by your side.  Ladies, you do not need to go out searching for all of this.  Stay strong in your faith and praise God even through your trials, and in His perfect timing, He will bless you with a man like this. 

Thank you Jordan, for being the amazing man that you are.  Thank you for all of your love, patience, and compassion.  Thank you for always making me laugh.  Thank you for wanting me to be your wife and loving me the way my heart desired.  We have a long road still ahead of us, and I can't wait to see what our future holds!  I LOVE YOU!!!

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