Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long, 2011

Happy New Years Eve, everyone! 

I must say, 2011 has been a wild ride for me.  A lot of firsts, learning, adjustments, and challenges went into this year.  BUT, I also must say that it has been a great year, because it's been my first year married to Jordan.  : )

I'm sure many of you have resolutions that you're making for 2012, and that's great.  It's good to have ambitions, because it means you care to learn something new or change something to better yourself. 

One 'resolution' I have for 2012 is to kick this blog into high gear!  Meaning, I want to blog more often, challenge myself, and try more new things.  I'm so thankful to all of you who have read my posts since I started this year and who have been so sweet and supportive while I'm just learning the ropes of this thing. 

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve!  I thank God for allowing me to live this year and experience so many blessings.  Here's to 2012 being even BETTER!   : )

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