Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Things

1.  After my last blog about the Caramel Apple Cake, my laptop died.  Again.  It miraculously turned on again this morning, so I'm taking advantage!  Maybe it will even last long enough for me to post another recipe later.  Who knows?...

2.  I'm pretty sure I got food poisoning from a "certain" restaurant in a neighboring town.  Or I got a virus from someone.  Pretty sure it was food poisoning though.  Either way, it completely ruined my weekend and I won't be eating salad again for a while.

3.  Last week, I got dressed for work in a yellow sweater with green pants.  My husband told me my outfit looked like throw up.  I changed into a purple sweater and he told me I looked beautiful.  What would I do without him sometimes?

4.  My Christmas tree is beautiful and I never want to take it down!!  It's amazing how those twinkly lights make me feel each morning when I turn them on.  : )

5.  My mom surprised me by mailing me a homemade wreath!!  I was sooooo happy!  My mom makes awesome wreaths, so I am a very lucky daughter to have this beauty hanging on my front door!

6.  Jordan and I have our 1st year anniversary in 7 days.  7 DAYS!!  I cannot believe it.  Time flies so quickly.

7.  I hope I can get some real food down today.  I miss it.

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