Friday, November 9, 2012

Emily's 1st Month

Well, baby girl, I can't believe you're already a month old!  Time has already flown and we're only just getting started.  This month has been a huge learning and growing experience for me & Daddy.  We have learned how to care for a newborn on an everyday basis.  We have learned your likes and dislikes.  Most of all, we have learned that being your parents is the greatest gift we could've ever been given.  You have learned and grown a lot this month too!

This month you:

Smiled at Mommy when I made funny faces/noises
Grew beautiful, long eyelashes
Went to your first church service
Started pulling Mommy's hair
Went to your first baby shower (for someone else)
Loved staring at your under-the-sea soother
Kept us up at night...a lot
Loved getting your hair washed
Went on your first walk around base

Daddy and I love you SO much Emily!!  I can't wait to see what this coming month has in store for us, and all the new things you'll learn.  You are a precious miracle and I hope you've enjoyed your first month here in the world as much as we have.  :)

Love, Mommy 

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