Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Top-5

The top-5 random things that have made me happy this past week...and 1 that did not...

1.  Sitting outside in our brand new chairs!!  It is so nice to relax with my hubby in the awesome weather.  Plus, I love these chairs.  I finally found some I liked the look AND the feel of!  Sometimes I don't wanna get out of them!

2.  Grilling out!  We just bought a grill 2 weeks ago from our neighbors who are moving to Alaska.  For $15, I might add.  : )  Two nights ago, my hubby grilled steaks and they were sooooo good! 

3.  Visiting a new church!  We really enjoyed the service, as WELL as the people we met there!  Some of them we even knew already, so that was even better!  : )

4.  Using some fondue "pokers" that one of the custodians at work gave me to roast marshmallows over our stove flame to make smores!  One of my favorite desserts EVER!!!  I must say though, I was missing roasting them over a bonfire with my friends!  :'(

5.  Using the new recycling machine outside of the BX!  If you take your empty plastic or glass bottles and scan them, you can make an account and accumulate points based on how much you bring.  You can then redeem these points online for gift cards!  WOO-HOO!  Free gift cards and doing something nice for the environment?!  Yessssss.

Finally, here is the 1 thing I did NOT like... today actually...

Sigh.  This was her special, nice, fluffy pillow!!!  She unzipped the outer covering and tore up all of the inside.  Grrrrr!!!  She is usually a very good girl when we leave her, but this is what I get for being 30 minutes late coming home from work. 

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  1. I love the chairs!! They look beautiful on your porch. That is one handsome guy that's cooking those hamburgers on the grill. He looks like a natural. That Ms Katie now is something else.hehe. I'm enjoying the sweet life of an Airforce wife. I'm going to be trying those recipes real soon. I love you guys and can't wait until we can get up to visit.