Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Top-5

Okay, so I know it technically isn't fall yet...but I had to wear a jacket yesterday, so I am hereby declaring it the beginning of fall!!  :)  Therefore, I bring youuuuu...

My Top-5 favorite things about fall!!!

1.  The crisp, cool weather.  I took Katie out yesterday morning and was like...WHOA!  It was actually cold.  I was so excited!  I love summer, but let's face it, who isn't ready for some cooler weather?  I was so happy to spend the rest of the morning in my favorite article of clothing - my husband's hoodie.  =D

2.  The beautiful colors all around.  I've always felt sorry for my mom; she's colorblind, and can't really tell the difference in the colors of trees.  : (  Even on trips through the mountains in autumn, she can't quite see the colors for what they truly are.  I think the changing leaves are absolutely gorgeous and wish they would stay those vibrant red, orange, and yellow shades for much longer!

3.  Fall baking!!!!!!!  I can't put enough exclamation points for that one.  Using the flavors of pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, cranberries, maple, brown sugar, caramel, ginger, etc. in dozens of culinary masterpieces makes fall a time that practically every baker longs for during earlier months!  Plus, I haven't been married during any fall months yet, so I plan to wow my hubby with my "fall" recipes.  : )

4.  Football games!  Although I may not be the biggest sports fan in town, I do love going to sporting events - particularly football games in the fall!!  I spent all my high school years at every football game leading the marching band as drum major at our halftime show.  I also played the flute for concerts, but all this is another story for another time.  I know what you may be thinking, "BAND GEEK"!, but nooooo, I was not!  ; )  It was really a lot of fun.  In college, I enjoyed attending ECU football games just for the fun of it.  No band that time.  heehee. 

5.  Cute fall clothing!  Like my BFF Cat, I love wearing pretty scarves (ok...mayyybe not as much as her, lol).  She wears one almost every day!!  Including non-fall/winter months!!!  But she looks beautiful in them, so I say go for it.  Anywho, jackets, hats and boots are also items I enjoy wearing so bring em on!

Are you all as excited for fall as I am??  : )

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