Monday, January 2, 2012

An Accomplishment

I sewed my first button on today.  I now feel like I could do anything!

My husband has been asking me for a looong time to sew this button on, and I've been eyeing these ABU pants for weeks, folded in the corner of the room, wishing that the button fairy would come in the night and sew it on for me. 

I'm sure right about now, my mom and Granny's heads are shaking in disappointment.  They are probably thinking "I tried to teach you this years ago!" and "You should've learned how to do that a long time ago!".  The truth is, yes, they did try to teach me.  I never wanted to learn.  Sewing was the least important thing on my agenda, and I couldn't have cared less to practice.  (Funnily enough, I love to cross stitch...hmmmm...)

Well, I didn't have any help, and no, I didn't follow a button-sewing tutorial video on YouTube.  I did this all by myself!  In the process, I did break the head off a needle and sustain an injury (so thaaaaat's what thimbles are for...) but the important thing is that this button is officially sewn on!  I'm a real wife now!  lol

*Thought:  If the button that came off my hubby's pants is the one that buttons at the waist, does this mean I've finally put a little weight on him??

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