Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Top-5

Top-5 foods I would love how to learn to make homemade!...make well, at least...but you got that.  :)

1.  Angel Food Cake.  I have always loved it's lightness and delicate flavor.  Sweet but not overbearing.  Don't misunderstand though...I also like foods that are sweet and overbearing.  :)  I'm sure it's not thaaat difficult, but it's just the idea of separating allllll those eggs to whip the whites...

2.  Doughnuts.  Those of you from my hometown area may have been to Britt's Doughnuts on the Carolina Beach boardwalk...AMAZING!  I wish I could go "shadow" them for a day, hehe!  I just love that crispy, sweet, fried dough!   =P

3.  Chicken & Pastry...or is it just Chicken Pastry?  I think it must be Chicken AND Pastry, but you know how us Southerners are (altering the names of things, or shortening them for our convenience)  =D.  Every time we had a covered dish supper at my church, this (along with Wonton Salad) is what I wanted to fill my plate up with!  It's so warm and soft and soupy and delicious!

4.  Croissants.  No, it's not just so I can feel fancy.  I love croissants with their buttery, flaky ways.  I've seen recipes for them before, and it's no feat I want to tackle, really.  It seems soooo complicated!  But oh how delicious the reward would be!

5.  Biscuits.  Some people have it, some people don't.  I wanna have "it"!!  I want to be able to make the best biscuits my family has ever had!

Hmmm...has anyone noticed a trend here?  All of the above are or include a pastry/bread of some sort.  Sigh.  What can I say?  Carbs and I are BFF's!  But not as BFF's as cookies, cake, brownies, and myself...they aren't on the list...because they're already mastered.  heehee!

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