Monday, August 8, 2011

Armed Forces Appreciation

On Saturday, my husband and I went to our second Royals game of the season.  Since we are not native Missourians(??), we aren't that much into the Royals, but we do enjoy going to sporting events.  This particular game was special, however, and we went for another purpose than just for fun. 

It was Armed Forces Appreciation Day in the stadium, and my Airman was a part of the ceremony!  First, we enjoyed a performance by the Army Drill Team (spinning rifles) which was really impressive.  After that, a soldier played our National Anthem on his saxophone, and it was a beautiful performance.  While he was playing, a huge American flag was spread out over the baseball field by about 20 enlisted men and women from all branches of the military (my Airman included!).  


Meanwhile, I was sitting in my seat under the blazing sun in 100 degree weather sweating like a pig.  I know, TMI.  So much for trying to "look cute" for the game!  When Jordan was finished and made his way to his seat beside me, we sat there for the first 2 innings of the game before deciding to leave early.  If I was sweating that much, try to imagine how hot he was in those ABU's!!  It was a nice ceremony and I'm really proud of my Airman for being a part of it! 
Please keep all of our deployed military men and women in your prayers, as well as their families.  God Bless America!

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