Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Chef: Just Desserts

So, I love the show Top Chef.  Top Chef: Masters, Top Chef: All Stars, and ESPECIALLY Top Chef: Just Desserts!  I mean, come on...a show dedicated to unique dessert challenges completed by a group of talented pastry chefs??  My kind of show!!!  : )  I watched the previous season and was amazed by the chefs' technical expertise and the beauty of (almost) every dessert they plated. 

I have been anxiously counting down the days for this show to air, and it's finally here!!  Unfortunately, the SLP in me is causing me to have some "issues" with a couple of the contestants...

Orlando: Not only is he arrogant, he has a frontal lisp and it drives me crazy.

Craig: Sigh...this dude just needs help all around, lol.  Nobody wants to be his partner.  He doesn't seem to have many skills to bring to the table.  And the worst part?  His voice is extreeeemely hypernasal.
(Did you see the clip of him reading Harry Potter on his bed?  He had big wads of toilet paper stuffed between all his toes...what tha??  Did he paint his toenails???  Sorry, but someone had to bring it up...)

Orlando and Craig - come to my office.  I will be willing to provide you both with therapy in exchange for some yummy desserts.  : )

Is anyone else watching this?  Who's your favorite?  : )

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  1. I miss Food Network! I got into the Iron Chef and Cupcake Wars shows before I left NC. Funny, C.J. ended up getting into watching a few shows of that channel too! Ha!