Monday, August 29, 2011

Flag Football Game #1

Tonight was the first flag football game of the season on base!  Teams are made up of squadrons throughout the base.  I spent practically every week of winter in the basketball court watching my Airman shoot some hoops (his team was runner-up in the championship!) so of course I knew I'd want to come watch and support him in football, as well.  Not to brag or anything, but he is the quarterback. ;)  Since it wasn't too hot out, I thought it would be fun to bring Katie along.

This is Katie.  Don't let this adorable face fool you.  She definitely won the "Bad Dog" award tonight.  I have never been so embarrassed!  Wait....yes I have....*flashes back to my last dog SweetPea chasing down our elderly neighbor - barking, snarling and being downright scary...even for a weiner dog*.

Aaaaanyway, Katie was a non stop jumping machine the whole game.  You would've thought she'd had an IV of straight caffeine before we went.  "Awwww, so cuuute" only goes so far...she is getting bigger and stronger every day and I was really getting a work out trying to get her to calm down!!  HELP!  We discipline her...and I know she's a puppy.  But why, oh WHY doesn't she listen to us when we're outside???

I unfortunately had to spend the whole game dealing with Katie, so I honestly didn't even get to watch most of it.  I did manage to get these shots though:

Sorry they're both a little blurry!  After all, I was being tugged around by a 30 lb puppy.  : /

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  1. That's my son-in-law as QB! And time for obedience school Ms. Katie :) Actually she just needs to drag both of you to NC!! I need to see my Grandpup :)