Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fruit Fondue Smoothie

When I created our wedding registries, I didn't even think to add a blender.  It's not something I used prior to marraige, so why would I need one after?  Thank goodness my brother had the smarts to buy us one as a wedding gift anyways!  I have used our blender a countless number of times to make smoothies and milkshakes, and they are always so delicious!  I make them according to what we have in the fridge/freezer, and it's always fun to experiment with new flavors.

Today I bring you my first food blog!  The Fruit Fondue Smoothie, which tastes just like it sounds: fruit dipped in hot fudge!  You know those chocolate fondue machines with the chocolate flowing out like a fountain?!  (I have always wanted to go to the restaurant where you get fondue for all 3 courses - YUM!!)

Embrace the last bit of summer we have and make this smoothie.  :) 

Recipe:  (Yield: 1 LARGE smoothie!)

1 small banana, sliced
1 cup whole frozen strawberries
3/4 cup milk
1 packet hot cocoa mix
3 TB hot fudge topping

Blend all together until desired consistency is reached.  Mine was very smooth. 

See, this is healthy...right?!  :)  Two types of fruit, milk (we need dairy!), and barely even enough fudge to count...  ;) 

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