Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Top-5

Top-5 things that annoy me:

1.  When I can see/hear someone chewing their food.

2.  Someone pulling out in front of me and then taking FOREVERRR to turn off the road.

3.  Talking to someone who continually interrupts me.  Especially when they interrupt me to ask a question that I was in the process of answering if they would've let me finish!

4.  Being forced to walk slow because you're standing behind a group of people that are moving at the pace of molasses.  Especially true in malls and supermarkets.  MOVE OUT THA Wayyy!!!  lol

5.  Being too hot.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is the worst situation for me to be in.  I turn into another person who, I am ashamed to say, I would not want to be friends with.  It puts me into a frenzy!

Have a great day!  : )  (None of the above happened to me today, except for #5, but it was dealt with and there were no casualties - so I had a pretty good day myself!)  

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