Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Top-5

Top-5 beauty products I can't live without:

1.  Bare Minerals!  I will never go back to liquid foundation again...ever.  I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this line of products!  It's good for your skin, light, and beautiful!

2.  Lip Gloss!  I usually have at least 3 different lip glosses in my purse at all times.  Then, there's the 3 glosses on standby in every other purse that I own, along with glosses stashed in random drawers around the house!  Gotta love having beautiful, glossy lips!

3. Fudge Head Shine.  I came across this product about a year ago and I am COMPLETELY in love.  A spritz of it all over your 'just-styled' do will leave a gorgeous shine.  The best part?  The smell is out-of-this-world incredible.  I have to control myself from spraying the whole bottle on because it smells so amazing!

4.  Suave Advanced Therapy Body Lotion.  While I have about a million body lotions in various fragrances, this is my go-to lotion for MOISTURE!  Thanks to my bff Cat, I began using this lotion daily and it really does make a difference in my skin.  It has a nice scent that doesn't clash with any perfume you want to wear. 

5.  Victoria's Secret Noir Body Mist.  This is one of my favorite scents EVER, and I love that it's a body mist, which basically means that it isn't as strong.  You can spray a few times and you will just smell awesome!!  : )  (I also have the Noir shower cream, which is also amazing!)

Disclaimer:  This is not an endorsement.  None of the above companies know me from Adam.  Peace out.

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