Friday, August 19, 2011


It has been a looong time since I've had to think those words...Thank God it's Friday!  I've been a stay at home wife for about 8 months, and every day is pretty much the same.  Get up, do housework, cook meals, wait eagerly for Jordan to get home, and hang out until we fall asleep. 

Well, NO LONGER!  I started my job as a speech-language pathologist at the elementary school on our base Tuesday.  The kids don't come until next week, but I've had to go every day for an endless number of faculty meetings (zzzzzzzzz....) and workshops.  The bright side is that everyone that works at the school is extremely nice and helpful!  What a bonus!  I have experience in what I do, but I have only worked in a private clinic and hospital setting.  Working in a school means different structure, different paperwork, and different protocols.  The downside body is not used to this time schedule.

Yesterday, I was at work from 7:45 AM till 6:45 PM.  Are you kidding me?  Part of the reason for this 11 hour day was because of open house, but still!  I got home at 7 and tried my best to get our puppy to sleep with me in our bed until Jordan got home at 11, haha!  Well, she wasn't having that.  We had to come downstairs to "play" and I was finally able to shut my eyes at 10:30 PM.  Jordan got home from work half an hour later, and I honestly can't remember much.  I know he tried to talk to me...I know he wanted me to go look at something in the garage??...and I KNOW all I did was grunt at him and whine until I made it upstairs to pass out.  (Which I did apologize for this morning!) 

I haven't been this exhausted in a long time.  I am excited for the kids to come next week, so I can meet all their cute little faces and start therapy.  But for now...TGIF!!!

Oh, here's an "Air Force Wife" life for ya:  My Airman usually gets off early on Fridays.  I was all excited, due to the fact that we haven't seen each other at all hardly in the last 3 days.  He said he would be able to be home at 7...I said "Great!, I will have dinner ready for us!"  To self, "YAYYY, finally an evening with my hubby!!!!!!"

Well, it is now 8:16.  Dinner is on the stove, cold.  Hubby is not home.  I am on the couch with the puppy, hungry, lonely, and missing my hubby and the evening we were "supposed" to have.  The AF wins every time!!!  

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  1. I'm excited for you and your new job. I bet it has been a rough week for you. I hope you and Jordan have a nice weekend. Love ya!!